International Conference: An Integrative Approach of Medically Unexplainable Physical Symptoms (MUPS).

2016 is an important year for the Dutch Osteopathic Association (NVO); it’s our 30th anniversary. To celebrate this, the association is organizing an international conference and will be presenting an integrative approach to Medically Unexplainable Physical Symptoms (MUPS) to the medical and paramedical community.



Since MUPS falls under Functional Medicine, this conference features a lineup of speakers who are frontrunner's in their respective fields concerning functional complaints.


The field of Functional Medicine is making a transition from Illness to Wellness (from I to We). In other words, the focus is shifting from disease to health. To promote the integration of different approaches, and focus on the relationships between the different structures and functions (systematic approach), osteopathy offers a useful contribution. The osteopathic philosophy is based on the pillars health, function and taking a systematic approach.


This conference is for the physician who is interested in models which contribute to an effective approach for MUPS, but also for the paramedical and complementary professional who encounters a large percentage of these MUPS patients in their practice. During this conference MUPS is approached from the fields of basic science (histological, fluidic, immunological, and neurological) as well as the biopsychosocial field. All elements of the osteopathic ECOP-model will be present.