The European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision (EN16686) issued by CEN, the European standards body, provides a benchmark of the level of
healthcare that should be provided to patients throughout Europe when it comes to osteopathic education, diagnosis, treatment and care. It does not replace national legislation where this exists.

Download European Standard for Osteopathy information leaflets here in the following languages;


The European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision assures patients of the quality and standard of care they will receive when they visit an osteopath, outlining standards in the following areas;

  • Osteopathic Treatment
  • What To Expect From Your Osteopath
  • About Osteopathy
  • Case History & Examination
  • Addressing Concerns
  • Choosing an Osteopath

'What to expect from your osteopath' information leaflets are available to download here in the following languages;


How was the Standard developed?

EN16686 was developed by CEN’s Project Committee on ‘Services for Osteopaths’ (CEN/TC 414). Set up in late 2011 and bringing together healthcare professionals from across Europe, the Standard was initiated and led by the European Federation of Osteopaths and the Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe. The Secretariat of the Project Committee was provided by CEN’s member in Austria (Austrian Standards). The Standard was formally approved in July 2015, and was published at a national level by CEN members in 33 European countries at the end of 2015.