EFO board members attend the VOD International Osteopathic Convention in Potsdam, Germany

Members will be interested to hear about the recent meeting in Berlin of the Osteopathic Alliance and the Forum of osteopathic regulation in Europe superbly hosted by the VOD.

The EFO was represented by Jonathan Bailey-Teyletche, Alex Boon, Eric Gery and Michael Watson.

We attended, amongst several meetings, the AGM for the OIA hosted by Dr Johannes Meyer and met many of our members from all over the world, including our friends from Quebec!

The main purpose for the EFO Board attending however, was to present a proposal to the Board and members of FORE to form a working group to consider the issues surrounding a merger between the two bodies.

It was a very positive meeting, with FORE and some FORE members asking for some clarification of the role of the proposed new merged EFO and FORE body. We presented the following overview and we thought it would be useful to share the thoughts of the board with our EFO members.


1. Purpose of new European Osteopathic Group

i) To protect and promote the osteopathic brand

ii) To build patient outcome reported evidence for osteopathic value

iii) To provide a single point of reference at a political level


2. Aims and Activity

i) To develop and establish the highest possible standards of Education, Practice and Conduct (develop regulatory frameworks etc)

ii) To establish a scope of practice based on osteopathic philosophies and practice (this has nearly been completed by an EFO led project)

iii) Support and provide mechanisms to help osteopaths collect and share patient reported outcomes

iv) Support and provide advice to national associations in their quest to gain recognition

v) Lobby politically at a national and at EU level

vi) Promote the role osteopathy has to play in European healthcare


3. Budget and Finances

i) We outlined that the EFO operates to a budget of around Euros 80,000.00 for 2011

ii) EFO income came from membership fees and sale of the EUR OST DO card

iii) We suggested that the budget for the new organisation should be calculated to fund 'projects'

a) We would estimate a budget of Euros 25,000.00 for secretariat support

b) We estimate a budget of Euros 15,000.00 for CEN per annum

c) We would need to determine and agree specific budgets for finalising and publishing SOPE, promotion of osteopathy in Europe, lobbying at

EU and national levels and the collection of patient reported outcome evidence


These were the main points we made and there seemed to be broad agreement for this approach. A steering group will be established and we will provide 3 representatives from EFO to take part in this work alongside 3 representatives from FORE.

We will announce the board representatives for this group by the end of October and advise FORE accordingly.

The working group will then need to present a first discussion paper by the end of January 2012 which will detail the terms of reference of the working group and outline high level aims and objectives as well as considering structure, governance, budgets and the allocation of roles and responsibilities.


This will provide EFO members with an opportunity to consider the merger at the General assembly in February 2012.


On the Sunday of the conference, we also attended a presentation given by Dr. Hermann Huemer from the Austrian Standards Institute in regards to the forth-coming CEN process. He informed us of the timescales and processes involved and we will be posting an update on the process very shortly.


We would like to thank once again Dr Marina Fuhrmann and Mr Richard Weynen DO for their kind hospitality and a successful conference.

EFO board members attend the VOD International Osteopathic Convention in Potsdam, Germany