COME - Centre For Osteopathic Medicine Collaboration 

COME is a non-profit foundation looking to establish international and multidisciplinary partnerships initially as a launching pad for discussing ideas and concepts and, in the long-term, to pursue grant funding, high quality research, clinical and health care support.

Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe - FORE

The Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe (FORE) seeks to enhance the protection of patients in Europe by promoting the wider recognition and regulation of osteopaths and high standards of osteopathic treatment.

International Collaboration Initiative

The International Collaboration initiative is part of a wider work programme of the Osteopathic Development Group (ODG), seeking to bring together the wealth of information scattered across multiple international osteopathic networks and alliances to ensure maximum return and benefit to osteopathy in the UK.

Osteopathic Development Group - ODG

ODG brings together the major osteopathic organisations in the UK, working in partnership on a number of projects to support the long-term development of osteopathy.

National Council for Osteopathic Research - NCOR

The National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR) was constituted in 2003 in order to explore and assure the place that osteopathy has to play in Healthcare.

Osteopathic International Alliance - OIA

The Osteopathic International Alliance is the leading organization for the advancement and unity of the global osteopathic profession.

Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders - HPCB

Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders (HPCB) is an informal partnership of professional healthcare regulators from within Europe that works collaboratively on a range of regulatory issues.

European Journal Osteopathy & Related Clinical Research

European Journal Osteopathy & Related Clinical Research (Eur J Ost & Rel Clin Res) is a peer-review journal, multidisciplinary, electronic and regular, dedicated to scientific and technical information about Osteopathy and Clinical Sciences, Health-related, including health promotion and the management of health centers which supplies osteopathic treatment.