EFO and FORE- a word from your President


Dear Colleagues,

At the most recent meeting of the EFO board in Paris on 28/05/11, we determined that the EFO should now seek to merge with FORE.  This arose from our consideration of the memorandum of understanding between the EFO and FORE and the revisions that we considered pertinent.  We also considered the amendments proposed by the FORE secretariat.  It was concluded that there is value in pursuing a merger quickly for the following reasons:

  1. The aims, objectives and strategies of both organisations are broadly similar and this point is amplified by the proposed statutes that FORE is seeking to adopt.
  2. As our aims are so consistent it seemed perverse that two, almost identical, organisations should exist side by side and tied by a very detailed MOU. The resources wasted in supporting two sets of establishment costs could be better used elsewhere.
  3. Many members of the EFO are members of FORE and vice versa and there are only a few FORE members who have yet to join the EFO.
  4. A merger between EFO and FORE would allow the development of other memorandums of understanding with other osteopathic organisations to be concluded more easily.
  5. A profession presenting itself to the EU with one voice and as one organisation would present a mature and thoughtful profession.

We have written to FORE and we are hopeful that FORE members will give the green light for discussions to commence shortly.

As many of you, the EFO members, also take part in the work of FORE, we trust that you will be supportive of the course of action we propose

With kind regards,


Mr Jonathan Bailey-Teyletche